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Apartment Expectations

  • Property must be kept in a clean, livable condition for the entirety of the lease.

  • The outside of the apartments must also be maintained in an organized and clean fashion so everyone can enjoy the space.

  • Trailers must be parked in the designated areas, not in the parking spaces around the apartments.

  • There is one parking space per bedroom at the front of the apartments.

  • Pets are welcome but owner is responsible for maintaining their residence inside and out and are responsible for any damages to facility.

  • Rule violations will be assed individually and can incur fines.

  • Walk-throughs of apartments will occur yearly and tenant will be notified beforehand.

Barn Rules

  • All manure and urine in barn isle must be cleaned up immediately.

  • All manure must be cleaned up from the arena before you leave after riding.

  • All items used during ride must be properly stored after each use (i.e. jumps back in their corner, cones stacked and put away).

  • All riders under 18 must wear a safety certified helmet while riding.

  • All riders jumping obstacles must wear a safety certified helmet.

  • No running or screaming in barn isle or arena in presence of horses.

  • No touching or feeding of horses that belong to others without express permission.

  • Horses are not to be left tied to the rail in the arena without supervision and any wood chewing will be charged as damage.

  • Everyone must be courteous and thoughtful when using the facilities so that we all get to enjoy the atmosphere in a safe, fun way.

  • Destructive horses will not be tolerated. Deposits may be used for any destruction caused beyond normal wear and tear. Such as but not limited to: kicking holes in walls, chewing holes in walls etc. If damage is more extensive, owners will be liable for the damage.

Maintenance Request

For maintenance emergencies, please call the property office at

For fires, life, or safety emergencies, please call 911.

For non-emergencies, please fill out the form below


As part of our ongoing commitment to provide service excellence, we will utilize out best efforts to ensure your service requests are completed within 24 hours.

Maintenance Request Form

Pet Addendum

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